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Our People

The foundation of CBCS's success is in providing careful attention to detail and superior service to each and every customer, each and every day.

Continuous Development

CBCS uses the latest in technology and data to help clients maximize revenue recovery. As part of our commitment to continuous development, CBCS constantly monitors and evaluates all processes within the organization and makes improvements where and when necessary to ensure we deliver quality results in a timely manner.

Superior Performance

CBCS sets very high performance standards in all areas of the business. We have an extensive training program for all staff members to ensure our representatives are interacting with your customers in a professional and results-oriented manner.


CBCS is committed to offering customers innovative, flexible and comprehensive industry solutions. Our collaborative approach is focused on helping our customers achieve their revenue recovery goals.

CBCS Guiding Principles

  • Customer Driven
  • Consumer Responsive
  • Employee Focused
  • Growth Oriented