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Ignite your revenue recovery efforts.

Our access to powerful data and a team of recovery specialists fuel our ability to collect with electrifying results.

Our Solutions

First Party/Early Out Programs

The CBCS Early Out solution helps maximize recoveries early in the process before accounts age and collectability diminishes.

CBCS customizes each Early Out program to fit your unique business needs. Because we are an extension of your business, CBCS exercises great care in interacting with your patients in a way that preserves and protects your hospital’s image within the community you serve.

As part of our Early Out service, CBCS can handle insurance follow up, including insurance rebilling and/or dropping of claims. Our processes accelerate recoveries for self-pay accounts as well as after insurance pays. We also are able to scrub accounts for Medicaid coverage.

We scrub every account for address accuracy, deceased and bankruptcy information, and overall collectability. CBCS also offers scoring models that rank accounts by the consumer’s ability to pay, helping you identify early in the process those that qualify for potential charity care and financial assistance.

CBCS takes care of your patient’s needs and requests and works quickly to resolve issues that may arise.

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Contingency Recoveries

CBCS is a full-service accounts receivable management company. We offer specialized solutions for customers in the healthcare, utility/telecommunications, financial, and government sectors.

Inventory Management

CBCS can assist in reviewing your portfolio of accounts and develop a recovery program designed to meet your unique business needs.

CBCS monitors and updates accounts as soon as new contact information becomes available. Those updates are provided to our collectors to enhance their efforts to connect with parties who owe you money.

CBCS also rescores accounts to determine if the consumer’s circumstances have changed. This allows us to identify those accounts that represent an increased capacity to repay and focus our efforts on accounts with the greatest potential for recovery.

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Return Mail Program

CBCS can help you minimize returned mail with our Correspondence Exchange Service (CES). Our CES solution searches for more recent and reliable addresses to help you effectively connect with your customers. Available online or in batch, CES saves you time and money in handling returned mail.

What Customers Like You Are Saying About CBCS

Bangor Hydro has been using CBCS for many years. When I came to this job 6 years ago, I looked into other agencies. I found that CBCS had very good collection results. They always proposed new ways to improve the collections results. When I had a question or problem, I always was able to contact someone right away. My issue was always resolved right away or within a very short time. In working with their staff, they are top notch; they are dedicated to their clients. I would hire them at any time.

— Lead Credit and Collections Specialist with Bangor Hydro